Florence Local Tour

Galleria Palatina

Come with us to see the magnificence of the Palatine Gallery in Palazzo Pitti. Town residence of the Medici family, and after them the Lorraines and the Savoys, in the apartments of Palazzo Pitti we will see unique works: paintings, frescoes, furniture and furnishings that will leave you speechless!

The visit will begin at 9.00 am; the meeting place is in front of the Museum entrance, in Piazza Pitti 1, at 8.45. The cost of the visit is € 10 per person; children 6-17 years € 8. On the first Sunday of the month, entry to the Museum is free.

For information and reservations: WhatsApp and Telephone 333 4863446 Email: guides@florencelocal.tours

Booking is mandatory.

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