Running tour

 Running tour 


90 minutes, with departure and arrival at your accommodation

6,30 a.m.


  • TOUR TYPE – Private tour

  • DURATION – 90 minutes, with departure and arrival at your accommodation

  • TIMES – 6,30 a.m.

  • DIFFICULTY – Customized

Discover the tour!

Enjoy the incredible opportunity to discover Florence with the eyes and legs of a Florentine!

Being a sports lover, I would like to train even during my travels. This is often difficult, due to not knowing the place or to the fear of getting lost in traffic-filled roads! My offer is designed for visitors looking to go for a run in a new city, enjoying spectacular paths while also coming in with the local history and culture. Take a break from being a tourist and enjoy Florence as if it were your own city!

Trust me: we will start and end our training at your accommodation, in the early morning, in order to avoid the tourists that fill the Florentine streets on a daily basis. Together, we shall cross the historical center, stopping to admire unmissable landmarks such as the Cathedral, with its coloured marbles coming to life in the early morning light, and Piazza della Signoria, dominated by the majestic profile of Palazzo Vecchio. During our jog, surrounded by the intimate silence of the early hours of the day, I will narrate the story and anecdotes of the amazing buildings we will encounter. The sober elegance of Renaissance architecture will alternate with picturesque views. Moving away from the center, we shall then climb towards one of the best panoramic spots in Florence: Piazzale Michelangelo. The amazing view from here is well worth the effort of the climb!