Date and time
08/05/2021 - 15/05/2021
19:00 - 20:00


It’s known, the art, during wars, has always been a great loot! And so was in Florence during the world war II.

Many artworks were stolen and brought to Germany, but fortunately there was a group of men in charge of searching them: The Monuments men.

This rescue was the greatest in history, a story of brave men who worked hard, riscking their lives, to bring back what belonged to Italy.

During our on line appointments we’ll talk about all that happened, before, during and after the world war II. 


May 8th 7pm CEST

Hitler, Goering and Mussolini

During this first apointment we’ll talk about the facts that occured before the war, Hitler and Goering’s obsession for art, and the position of Mussolini before the war.

May 15th 7pm CEST

The great rescue and the Monuments men

During this second appoinment we’ll see what happened during the war, where the artworks were brought and how they came back where they belonged.


The price for the two sessions is €39

The course will be held on Zoom, we will send the link as soon as we receive the payment.

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