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03/01/2021 - 27/03/2021
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Waiting for you to come to visit Florence in person, we have designed a brand new series of on line experiences that will take place in 2021.

An unforgettable Christmas present, that you can donate to your beloved or give to yourself!

These are perfect gifts for art enthusiasts, Italy lovers and passionates about plots. Florence offers so much, specially with our help: professional licensed tour guides of the cradle of the Renaissance. Some of our on line events are live from the streets of Florence, where we will go with our camera to show you the beauties of our town. Some others are presentations from home, during which we will use high definition pictures and videos to give you the best experience ever.

Once you select what you would like to donate, we will send to the gift recipient a nice Christmas card with the details of the present. Trust us: giving Florence as Christmas gift is priceless!

Here are our three packages you can choose:


Do you want to know more about Florence, its history and beauties? These three on line tours are what you are looking for!

Jan. 3rd at 4 pm (Italian time): Best of Florence with Michelangelo’s David

Jan. 9th at 7 pm (Italian time): Uffizi Gallery around the corner

Jan. 16th at 4 pm (Italian time): The other side of Florence

The three meetings cost 40€ per screen.



If you have always loved the David or the Sistine Chapel or really anything Michelangelo ever touched, then you should join our three classes about this absolute genius!

Jan. 23rd at 7 pm (Italian time): A star is born, Michelangelo’s youth, with the Vatican Pietà and the David

Jan. 30th at 7 pm (Italian time) While in Rome, The everlasting project for Giulio II and the Sistine Chapel

Feb. 6th at 7 pm (Italian time) He can do it all! Michelangelo as architect

Fed. 13th at 4 pm (Italian time) In Michelangelo’s footsteps, A walk in his Florence

The course costs 55€ per screen.



A unique occasion to go in depth with the history of the Medici, one of the most powerful family of Europe.

March 6th at 7 pm (Italian time): 1400s, The raise of the Medici

March 13th at 7 pm (Italian time): 1500s, The staying power of the Medici

March 20th at 7 pm (Italian time): 1600s and 1700s, The beginning of the decay and the end of a great dynasty

March 27th at 7 pm (Italian time): The women of the Medici house

The course costs 55€ per screen.


Each event will be held on Zoom platform. Payment will be via Paypal.

You can also buy a single event. Each meeting costs 15€ per screen.

For details about every single event check our website

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