Date and time
22/05/2021 - 12/06/2021
18:30 - 20:00


Florence Local Experts celebrates 700th anniversary of Dante’s death with a very special event: four meetings entirely dedicated to Italy’s supreme poet.

A course to talk about art, literature and history. Deepening the political situation of Florence in 1300s, we will learn about Dante’s life and works. We will focus on the Divine Comedy, in order to discover how his masterpiece has influenced art. We will walk in the streets of Florence to visit Dante’s sights, following the Divine Comedy’s verses, that since 1900 are to see on the city’s walls.


May 22nd, 6,30 pm CEST: Dante, who and where

How did Florence look like when Dante was born? What about its society? And who were the protagonists of the cultural life of the city? We will answer to all these questions and more, describing Dante’s time, his life and his works, including the Divine Comedy.


May 29th, 6,30 pm CEST: The Divine Comedy and art

From the Middle Ages to modern days, artists have been incredibly influenced by Dante’s inventions. We will see and talk about the works of art that clearly show a connection with the poet’s ideas, from the Medieval master Giotto to the illustrations by Salvador Dalì.


June 5th, 6,30 pm CEST: The Inferno in Florence

In 1900 the administration of Florence commissioned to scholars to select meaningful verses from Dante’s Comedy. Those marble stones, bearing inscriptions, are still visible on Florentine buildings. Walking down the streets of Florence with our camera, we will show you and discuss those about Dante’s Inferno.


June 12th, 6,30 pm CEST: Purgatory and Paradise in Florence

This live walk from the streets of Florence will follow the inscriptions dedicated to Purgatory and Paradise. We will explain those verses while we will get familiar with Dante’s places.


The course will be held by Federica Bustreo, official guide of the city of Florence and art historian with a master’s degree in Medieval art.

The cost for the four meetings is €59. You can pay via Paypal by clicking here. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, or if you need further information, write us at

Every meeting is held on Zoom platform. You will receive the link after your payment. If you can’t attend to one or more meetings, we will send you the recording after the event.