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If you have always loved the David or the Sistine Chapel or really anything Michelangelo ever touched, then you should join our 4 classes about this absolute genius!

We all agree that Michelangelo has been an outstanding artist: a sublime sculptor, a very innovative painter and a revolutionary architect, he  is the embodiment of the Renaissance man. Although his art is the most important piece of that busy puzzle that Michelangelo has been, his personality deserves some attention too.

Our lessons are meant to investigate the artist and the man, the journey of Michelangelo from the very start of his career all the way to the consecration as universal myth.

Our appointments will follow a chronological order:

1/23 A star is born

Michelangelo’s youth from his years as an apprentice to the creation of two of his most renowned masterpieces, the Pietà (Vatican) and the David

1/30 When in Rome

The life of this great artist has been very tumultuous and incredibly busy, Rome and its Popes had a huge Rome in that! The everlasting project for Giulio II and the Sistine Chapel will be our focus.

6/2 He can do it all!

Having painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel wasn’t enough, Michelangelo was always looking out for more: architecture was to come: the Sagrestia Nuova and San Pietro are the perfect big commissions to end his career.

13/2 Michelangelo’s places

Michelangelo spent in Florence most of his life, this city and some specific areas have been particularly dear to his heart. This last appointment is to discover the legacy of this incredible artist in his own town.

Lesson will be held on Zoom at 7 pm Italian time. Lessons 1, 2 and 3 will be PowerPoint presentations while Lesson 4 will be live from the sites in Florence and it will take place at 4 pm Italian time.

Chiara D’Alessandro will be your teacher: licensed tour guide in Florence and absolute admirer of Michelangelo, she has a deep knowledge of the subject.

The course costs 55 € per screen. You can also take part to a single lesson. Each lesson costs 15€ per screen.

Payment will be via paypal.

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