Date and time
16/07/2021 - 30/07/2021
16:30 - 22:30


Ready to dive into Florence with a Local Expert?

We, licensed tour guides, will lead you into our city, reviving the glory of the past and illustrating the many present opportunities to unveil lively and surprising places.

We have designed three special walking tours, that will take place this July, in English.

It will be a great and amusing chance to get in contact with the history of our city, its hidden gems and the local culture.


Friday 16th, at 9 pm “Lust and blood: scandals and crimes that can only be whispered”
Florence, celebrated in the world for its Renaissance splendour, hides a widely unknown dark past, a forbidden side which made it famous among the unrepentant sinners of the 15th century. In addition to forbidden and lustful love affairs, the city was also the location of terrible murders, harrowing torture and horrifying death sentences.
Our evening walk will cover these uncertain paths starting from Piazza Strozzi, to end our walk into the most vibrant city’s district, Santo Spirito.

Thursday  22nd, at 4,30 pm “St. Ambrogio: the district that exceeds expectations”
A special walk to look around the district of Sant’Ambrogio, from its most remarkable square, Piazza D’Azeglio, to its main church, a hidden gem of the Middle Ages.
We will then walk along the market all the way to the Murate complex. Once a monastery, then a prison, now repurposed for a social project, this place still holds its very peculiar vibe, especially in its maximum security cells! Once the tour will finish, you can stay for an aperitivo, the Murate is a well known area for drinks.

Friday 30th, at 9 pm “The Medici: money and power”
Everything in Florence is about the Medici: the main squares of the city, the magnificent buildings and even the dark alleyways. Our story will begin in Palazzo Medici, the family’s first lordly residence. We will then walk to the Duomo, where we shall discover the family’s involvement in the construction of what is still today considered a miracle of Renaissance architecture: the cupola designed by Brunelleschi. From here we will move towards the heart of the political power of the city, the Palazzo Vecchio and, after crossing the oldest bridge in Florence, we will reach the fulcrum of the Medici’s ambition: Palazzo Pitti.

Our walks will last approximately 90′.


Adults: 15 euro

Kids 7-13 yo: 12 euro

Children under 6: free

Reservation is mandatory and it can easily be done right here.

You can pick up the tour you like the most, or all the three of them. You will pay on the day of the visit.

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