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sessions to know more about the most powerful family in the European history: The Medici.
From the raise with Giovanni di Bicci to the decay and the end of the great dynasty with Anna Maria Luisa.
A journey inside the history of Florence and the three centuries in which they ruled Florence and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.


Second session: 13th March The 1500
From Cosimo the I until Ferdinand the I
During this period the family confirmed its power over Florence and expand all over Tuscany, the birth of the Grand Duchy.

All the sessions will be held by Valentina Longo, a Florentine native, a licensed tour guide in Florence and completely in love with the city and its history. And they will on zoom at 7 pm Italian time.

The cost for the whole package is 55€
The cost of a single session is 15€
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