Date and time
16:00 - 17:30


A new Traveling without Traveling adventure: this time we will be strolling through the Boboli gardens!
With our camera we will visit the famous gardens, wanted and created by the Medici. Typically Boboli requires a lot of effort as a lot of walking is involved but you will have the chance to enjoy it from your home!
In this 90 minutes experience we will talk about the Medici, their very expensive and sophisticated taste and, of course, about the spectacular Boboli!

Who will lead you in this experience? Us!!
Professional and licensed tour guides!

Where? Comfortably from your couch.

How? Live streaming on Zoom!  Easy to download and to use!
You will receive the link as soon as you reserve

At what time?
Are you in Italy? At 4,00 pm
Are you on the East Coast? At 10,00 am

Price per connection: 13$ (or 12€).
Are you a big family?  You can participate all together, the price won’t change.

How can you pay? Via Paypal, you’ll have the address after your reservation.

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